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One aim: unite the world’s citizens of all origins, nationalities and horizons who believe in democracy and Human Rights, and who wish to express their support for the pro-democracy movement in Iran.

This initiative is completely independent, non-political and non-religious.

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How you can make a difference

The pro-democracy protestors in Iran are isolated and vulnerable. A strong turn-out here is a means for us to support them in their battle & remind governments & official international bodies around the world to act in the best interest of these freedom-fighters.Iran has ratified both the Declaration of Human Rights (signed 1948) and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (signed 1968). Let us show the world that human dignity and Human Rights are values that transcend frontiers, and that our leaders should use as much energy in defending Human Rights as they do the nuclear issue.

“A dictatorship is more dangerous than a nuclear weapon.”


As a result of the fraudulent Iranian presidential elections of the 12th of June 2009, millions of people took to the streets of Iran to protest against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad; demanding a new and democratic election. These brave protestors, comprising all generations, demonstrated pacifically but faced harsh repression from government forces resulting in beatings, deaths, arrests, torture, forced confessions and mock show-trials. Despite this repression, the protest movement has continued to grow and is known as the ‘Green Movement’ (read below: ‘Why Green?’). In spite of this repression, the pro-democracy protestors in Iran have continued their mobilisation; taking to the streets, infiltrating official marches and finding new means to express themselves such as via the internet - despite the huge risks, including for their lives (two young men arrested before the elections, Reza Ali Zamani and Arash Rahmanipour, were executed on the 28th January 2010, with more feared).

Why Green?

Green is the symbolic colour under which the pro-democracy protestors march in Iran - it is traditionally the colour of hope. Although the colour of the presidential candidate Mussavi in June’s fraudulent elections, the protestors have since made this colour their own and are commonly called the ‘Green Movement’, which has grown to become a spontaneous independent citizen’s movement demanding democracy for Iran. Green is now the colour of all those who march for democracy in Iran.

Monday, 22 March 2010

NOROUZ (Persian New Year)

The Year Past & the Year to Come...

On the occasion of Norouz, we at World With Iran would like to wish all those in Iran who are repressed and are fighting for their freedom, and those across the world who support them; a very Happy Persian New Year - "Norouz Piruz, Norouz Mobarak!" ! نوروز پیروز ~ نوروز مبارک
To say that you are not alone & we as well as others around the world are with you, supporting you in you fight for liberty and justice.

One cannot but help reflect upon this past year, so full of hope for change, so full of sadness for those who have been killed, raped, beaten and imprisoned.

This coming year is going to be decisive in the struggle for those inside Iran who are seeking liberty & the respect of their Human Rights, and our support from outside Iran is vital to continue giving them the strength to go on with this battle in defense of these universal values.

Here are two sets of Videos to reflect upon. The first set are from Norouz this year (the night of the 20th March 2010). 
The first shows a spontaneous crowd of people who had gathered at the tomb of the great Persian poet, Hafez. At the moment of the New Year, the crowd cries out the name of the opposition leader "Mir Hossein" Mousavi:

The following two videos were filmed on the rooftops of Tehran where the people were protesting against the regime officials by shouting out "Allah-o Akbar" ("God is great"), at the very moment that Ahmadinejad & Khamenei were giving their official Norouz message on Iranian TV:

The last set of videos date from June 2009, the month of the fraudulent elections in Iran after Ahmadinejad had been 'officially' declared the winner. Here we hear the cries from the roofs at night and a woman improvises a poem as she films the scenes. There are subtitles in English.
The first one dates from the night of the 21st June 2009, the second day of the brutal crackdown by the Iranian regime. She speaks of the diversity of the protestors, and of the need to never forget them, their voices & what they have endured:

Finally, this video is a remixed version of another improvised poem by the same woman & dates from the night of Friday the 19th June 2009 - asking "where is this country" where such atrocities take place:

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